The Engraving Process and Examples

Scores can be created from a number of formats:

  • Manuscript music
  • PDF scans
  • Graphic/Image scans
  • MIDI files
  • Finale files
  • Sibelius files

Using a specially created house style, your scores will be created according to the norms of standard music practice. You may however also provide any stylistic preferences you wish to be incorporated into the score. For example;

  • Size and positioning of time signatures
  • Inclusion of chord symbols for conductors reference
  • Fonts for text objects
  • Positioning of dynamics (especially in reference to vocal staves)

Scores will be delivered back to you either as;

  • Sibelius file, Finale file, Musixml file
  • PDF file
  • Posted score (after agreeing the price for printing)

Examples of music engraving:

Click on link to download the PDF sample